Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home of Cowboys

Okay, here’s my BIG adventure, a real once in a lifetime experience: a live Texas Rodeo! There are no words or good enough pictures to describe an event like this properly, so today I have videos for you. :-) But before that here's a little treat for anybody who is interested – especially if, like me, you have only a dim idea what a modern day rodeo looks like…

Saddle Bronc: Equipped with just a saddle and a hack rein, the cowboy tries to ride the bucking horse for 8 seconds while keeping his toes turned outward while he spins the horse’s shoulders to the back of the saddle. 

Tie Down Roping: Allows the calf a head start as the cowboy follows closely and tries to rope and tie the calves three legs in the fastest time possible.

Barrel Racing: Each cowgirl crosses a designated starting line and runs a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels and then exists the way they entered. The fastest time wins.

Team Roping: Consists of two skilled ropers – a header and a heeler. The header ropes the steer around its head or horns and turns the steer to the left. The heeler moves and ropes the steer’s hind feet. Time ends when their horses are facing each other.

Bull Riding: The cowboy wraps his hand in a hand braided rope positioned just behind the bull’s shoulders. The object is to ride for 8 seconds then dismount without getting stepped on or ran over…

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