Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eventful Weekend in Mishawaka, IN

Don't you love it when the Lord surprizes you with unexpected things? It just shows how much He really cares for you and lavishes His love and grace on His beloved children.

This past weekend was not in my plans back home in Hungary, but it was surely on God's mind! I had the blessing to visit one of my supporters in Mishawaka, and meet many wonderful people through her. I am so thankful for Judy Byars and her small -and extended- family!!! We had many great conversations, lots of fun, and a wonderful time with the church family as well.

If you want to know what a day looks like with Judy, just look at the pictures below. :) 

Friday morning... beautiful sunny day.

Judy said it was my "missionary responsiblity" to go on a bike ride with her, so I willingly obeyed. :-)

We went to the gorgeous Potato Creek State Park in Indiana, ready to start our 12 miles bike ride.

Stopeed at the beavers' dam to check out their amazing work.

We even saw one! Well, not quite a real one... :D

It was still sunny when we got to the museum, but then the wind started to blow...

"And the rain came down and the flood came up"... We ended up finding ourselves in a mini-tornado!

Poor Judy had to still put the bikes back in the rain.

Soaking wet, but happy! Thankful for the Lord's protection.

Oh, and then Judy remembered that the Jeep not only has a "ceiling" but windows as well. Hahaha. We got home safe, praise God. What a fun day! :)

The Byars family made sure we are not bored for the rest of the weekend either.

Here you can see some pictures from our bowling night (Judy's mom is the cutest!!!), the church picnic on Saturday, and more pics from Sunday with family and friends. The Hungary quiz and guessing game was a lot of fun too - I definitely enjoyed it! :) I also had the joy of meeting two of my classmates, Brittany and Nikki from Faith Bible Seminary, who came to spend an evening with me! I am so blessed and my heart is full of thanksgiving!

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