Friday, June 29, 2012


Awesome week – lovely people and beautiful places!!! The Lord blessed me with many wonderful new friends in Michigan in these past couple of days.

I had the opportunity to share about Word of Life Hungary’s ministry in two churches. I was so encouraged once again by my brothers and sisters’ faithfulness to our Savior and their excitement for missions. What a joy it was to meet two of my girls’ families!!! KRISTA is doing her summer ministry in France, so she couldn’t be at home, but KEZIA surprized her parents as she walked into their kitchen just a couple of hours after my arrival to Muskegon. I’m so thankful for the possibility to visit with these great families, I’ve been so blessed by their love and care!

Two wonderful couples - they were a huge blessing for me!

Krista's dad and little sister

Awesome pastors of an awesome church!

Cute squirrels by our house

Aren't they lovely? :)

I love this family so much!

Jeff playing for us

Lake Michigan

Kezia's surprize homecoming

The ladies of the Rumley family

A different beach

Great trip!

Thank you for your prayers! Please don’t give up, I need you! :)

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