Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ladies Summer Tea and NYC

Here are the pictures about my last few days on this great adventure! Praise God, He has done marvelous things!!!

Ladies Summer Tea gifts - Grace Baptist Church/Ajándékok a női teadélutánról

The Hungarian Ladies/Magyarosan

Aren't they cute?/Nem cukik? :)

Hu-hungarian - including fruit soup/Gyümölcsleves és egyéb magyarságok

My favorite!!!/A kedvencem :-)

Thank you Anna-Mária and Eszter (and all the ladies) for the goodies!/Köszönöm a sok finomságot!

Hungarian hospitality/Igazi magyar vendégszeretet



9/11 Memorial

Az égbolt színei azon a szeptemberi reggelen (2001. szeptember 11.)

2,983 killed, 2,983shades of blue/2.983 árnylata a kéknek, minden egyes halott emlékére

From the top of the world/A világ tetejéről :-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last Days in the US

I've been so blessed by all the wonderful people God brought into my path during my time in the US. Thankful for my relatives in New York city who took such good care of me as I was finishing my furlough. The Lord used them to take me to Grace Baptist Church. We had a very special SUMMER TEA fellowship with the ladies on Saturday. The blessings continued on Sunday morning when this wonderful church who barely knew me decided to take me on as one of their missionaries! Blessed beyond measure. Pictures coming soon! I'm ready to go HOME! :)


Monday, August 24, 2015

Have You Lost the Wonder of It All?

I am so thankful for the week I could spend at Word of Life Headquarters! I had three goals for that last full week here in the United States: REST, REFRESH, REFOCUS. God has blessed me with wonderful accommodations, great food (and lots of good food :-)), amazing Bible teachers, and many old and new friends. Let me challenge you with one of the messages that has been on my mind since the first night.

The big question is: HAVE YOU LOST THE WONDER OF IT ALL?
1. Have you lost the wonder of the joy of Salvation?
2. Have you lost the wonder of the joy of Scripture?
3. Have you lost the wonder of the joy of Service?
4. Have you lost the wonder of the joy of Satisfaction?

Since my topic for the year is JOY this message really hit home. Please pray that nothing would rob me from the joy that is found in living LIFE with Jesus. I want to keep being amazed by His salvation, His Word, the privilege of serving Him, and to remain content in Him. Thank you!

A HUGE praise to close with: as you probably have seen it,  I've been blessed by my very first supporting church!!! What an answer to prayers! Also, a lady at WOL in Schroon Lake committed to support me with monthly $25. Praise God with me for these two miracles. And keep praying with me for 8 more to reach my goal! :-) Thank you.

Here is the prayer list for a reminder: I am in need of $450 per month to be at full support. This has been my specific prayer: that the Lord would provide at least 10 financial supporters who would join my team and commit to give monthly -

1 person/church with $100

5 people/churches with $50

4 people with $25

Last night with Miss Becky

Tanyi Timi, ezt neked fényképeztem :-))

Sunrise cruise on the lake with the Mahairas family

Hike with the troopers

Our morning faces with Holly ;)

Schroon Lake in the background


Friday, August 21, 2015

New England and Upstate New York

Wow, what a blessing it has been to see many old friends and meet new ones over this past two weeks! I'm so thankful to God for this time! Great opportunities to share about my ministry, encourage and be encouraged. I'll share more later, but here are some pictures to start with. Enjoy! :)

Silas and Isaac

Crossing the river with the Hodsdon family

Shandy!!! Awesome hike! :)

SoulFest with these wonderful ladies

Casting Crowns, yay!

My first lighthouse

Meeting the ocean

Judy and Brian Gower, wonderful couple

Two friends that I haven't seen for 12 years - Holly and Autumn

Dinner with the Stan family and Holly

Cuties :-))

PJ and Charlie Bolstridge

Baptism at Lake George

Meeting this great lady from Sweeden

Awesome time with Holly

Sooo beautiful

More lighthouses in Maine :)

Getting the MAINE things: ocean, lighthouse, Moxie and Humpty Dumpty chips

...and lobster :)

...and finally a moose! :) - I saw some real ones too ;)

Schroon Lake - beauty - Word of Life headquarters

Thankful that I got to be here for our 75th anniversary

Sprankle and Konya couples :)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I Can't Do Life on My Own... So I Pray

Yes, life has been very busy, but I'm so thankful how God is making sure I can spend quality time with Him every morning. (And since I'm slow, I need at least an hour. :-)) It's so worth it to maybe sleep a bit less and wake up early to spend time with the Father! I've been learning so much during my Quiet Times! I also started reading a book about prayer that is about to change my life... ;) Let me share a few pearls from Paul E. Miller's book, A Praying Life.

  •  "Learning to pray doesn't offer us a less busy life; it offers us a less busy heart. In the midst of outer busyness we can develop an inner quiet."
  • "Whenever Jesus starts talking about His relationship with His heavenly Father, Jesus becomes childlike, very dependent." (John 5:19, 30, 8:28, 12:49)
  • "How do we learn to talk with our Father? By asking like a child..." Children ask for everything and anything, over and over again and they just say what is on their minds. 
  • "When your mind starts wandering in prayer, be like a little child. Don't worry about being organized and staying on task." Just get the words out. :)

Half of my time in the US is gone. Would you please join me in prayer as I share my heart with people and talk about our ministry needs? I am in need of $450 per month to be at full support. This has been my specific prayer: that the Lord would provide at least 10 financial supporters who would join my team and commit to give monthly -

1 person with $100
5 people with $50
4 people with $25

Thank you for your prayers! If you happen to be one of the 10 people, don't hesitate to let me know! :))

Kedves magyarul beszélők, ez egy rövidített fordítás, a fentiek összegzése. :) Az Amerikában töltött időm felénél járok. A reggeli csendes órákban nagyon sokat tanulok, még ha korán kell is kelni, mert zsúfoltak a napok, de megéri!!! Az imádság téma került most nagyon előtérbe. A legjobb példa Jézus, aki úgy függött az Atyától, mint egy kisgyermek, és imádkozott, imádkozott, imádkozott. Szeretnék én is olyan egyszerűvé, bizakodóvá és gondtalanná válni, mint a kisgyermekek - az imádságban is! Ó, és köszönöm, ha imádkoztok a hiányzó támogatásomért, ami havi 450 dollár. Köszönöm!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Best Planner / A legjobb tervező

The first 5 days of August went by as a whirlwind. :) (Actually we did experience a pretty huge storm by Lake Michigan.) I had the privilege of sharing in The Chapel Evangelical Free Church - - in St. Josepf, MI on Sunday, August 2. What a welcoming community! I had the opportunity to introduce myself and our ministry on both worship services in the morning and went to 3 different Bible study groups during the service. On Wednesday I went to Hobart, IN to visit my wonderful friends in Hobart Baptist Church. Oh, and no, I wasn't bored on Monday and Wednesday either :-), Ruby Peterson organized 4 dessert fellowships where I could meet some great new friends and share a lot more testimonies about our God's faithfulness. I've never made so many Hungarian PALACSINTAs (crepes) in 2 days, hahaha. As a bonus, Debbie Berbert, one of our first year Brazilian students joined me and confirmed that all I was saying was true. :))) How thoughtful and kind it was from our Abba Father to spend a little more time with my mentee before she returns to Brazil! Oh, and some more surprises, just check the pics out!

Augusztus első 5 napja úgy elrepült, mint a forgószél. :) (Egyébként szem- és fültanúi voltunk egy jó kis viharnak a michigani tó mellett.) Abban a kiváltságban volt részem, hogy vasárnap egy michigani nagy gyüliben számolhattam be a szolgálatunkról, szerdán pedig régi kedves barátokat látogattam meg a hobarti baptista gyülekezetben, Indiana államban. Ó, és nem, hétfőn és kedden sem unatkoztam, Ruby Peterson jóvoltából 4 magyar palacsinta-partin beszélhettem az Élet Szaváról és Istenünk hűségéről. Életemben nem sütöttem még ennyi palacsintát 2 nap alatt. :-)) Ráadásként pedig egyik brazil diákunk, Debbie Berbert is elkísért ezekre az alkalmakra, hogy tanúsítsa, minden, amit mondok úgy igaz. :) Milyen kedves Atyánktól, hogy megengedte, még egy kis időt töltsek kis tanítványommal, mielőtt hazamegy Brazíliába! Ja, és még néhány meglepetés várt rám, amint kiderül a képekből...

With Debbie by Lake Michigan

Isn't she beautiful???

Dinner with the Templetons

Huuuge icecream

Lisa and Phil Bubar - wonderful servants of God

Faith came to visit and she helped prepare the Hungarian desserts!

Joyus' first PALACSINTA ever :)

Could hardly believe it!!!!! Kim, my wonderful mentor from AZ "just happened" to be in the Chicago area :-)

Part of my favorite Hernandez family :)

Pastor Brown's wife, my new Momma

Sharing in Ruby's home

On the carousel with Debbie

Watching Lisa Bubar play the bassoon

Irene, missionary to Brazil also shared her testimony

Debbie - one year that changed her life...

Debbie and Ruby meet Danny Boy

More dessert fellowships :)