Monday, August 24, 2015

Have You Lost the Wonder of It All?

I am so thankful for the week I could spend at Word of Life Headquarters! I had three goals for that last full week here in the United States: REST, REFRESH, REFOCUS. God has blessed me with wonderful accommodations, great food (and lots of good food :-)), amazing Bible teachers, and many old and new friends. Let me challenge you with one of the messages that has been on my mind since the first night.

The big question is: HAVE YOU LOST THE WONDER OF IT ALL?
1. Have you lost the wonder of the joy of Salvation?
2. Have you lost the wonder of the joy of Scripture?
3. Have you lost the wonder of the joy of Service?
4. Have you lost the wonder of the joy of Satisfaction?

Since my topic for the year is JOY this message really hit home. Please pray that nothing would rob me from the joy that is found in living LIFE with Jesus. I want to keep being amazed by His salvation, His Word, the privilege of serving Him, and to remain content in Him. Thank you!

A HUGE praise to close with: as you probably have seen it,  I've been blessed by my very first supporting church!!! What an answer to prayers! Also, a lady at WOL in Schroon Lake committed to support me with monthly $25. Praise God with me for these two miracles. And keep praying with me for 8 more to reach my goal! :-) Thank you.

Here is the prayer list for a reminder: I am in need of $450 per month to be at full support. This has been my specific prayer: that the Lord would provide at least 10 financial supporters who would join my team and commit to give monthly -

1 person/church with $100

5 people/churches with $50

4 people with $25

Last night with Miss Becky

Tanyi Timi, ezt neked fényképeztem :-))

Sunrise cruise on the lake with the Mahairas family

Hike with the troopers

Our morning faces with Holly ;)

Schroon Lake in the background


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