Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The “But God” Reality

I had the privilege of visiting College Park Church (yourchurch.com) in Indianapolis this past Sunday. We have had groups coming over to our summer camps since many years from this church, and it was so nice to see some of my friends and meet new people. I was blessed to meet personally Pastor Nate Irwin as well on Friday, who is the pastor of the Global Outreach ministry team.

On the Sunday morning service we studied Psalm 49. “Why should I fear in times of trouble?” asks the psalmist. There were plenty of reasons to fear in his day, just as there are today. After discussing possible solutions to fear that WILL NOT remove the reality of hopelessness, the author starts verse 15 with these two powerful words: BUT GOD. Awww, isn’t this awesome? God not only redeems us, but He also receives us as His children. The Bible is full with “but God” verses. When you are tempted to be afraid, my friend, remember the glorious picture of “BUT GOD”!

It was so nice to spend the week with Manna and Dave Manley and their quintuplets: Annabell, Hanna, Tomi, Lili and Máté. All five kids speak perfect Hungarian and they are a lively bunch! Some snaphots of our time together…

Lunch time

Learning about 4th of July

Manna is a wonderful mom!

On our July 4th party

With Manna and a new friend from Transylvania

Ladies' Bible Study

Cathing up with graduates, Holly, Danae and Breanne. It was so nice to see them again!!!

With Holly and my little friends

Concert night - Symphony on the prairie

Jayna, a new dear friend and supporter

Dessert Fellowship at the Manleys

Old and new friends who came to hear about our ministry

Craft time   
  Prayer time before going to bed

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