Saturday, July 14, 2012


What a week! It was my first VBS (another first :-)) and I had an incredible time with the wonderful team from Community Bible Church in Paris, IL. I met many of the church members when they came over to Hungary in the spring with a work team. It was a joy to serve with them this week to reach the children of their community. And to make things better, the director and organizer of the IncrediWorld VBS was one of our recent graduates, Becky James! I enjoyed travelling with her to get to Paris from our house, which was almost an hour ride every day. What a privilege it was for me to be “the missionary” the VBS raised support for, and believe it or not, these kids between the ages 4-12 raised more than $500 in five days!!! Isn’t that incredible? I was so blessed to see the commitment of the leaders and their dedication to do their best in everything. Thank you, Lord, for this awesome experience!

The stage

Opening meeting

Game time

The canon with candies was a blast!

Craft time - coloring the flag of Hungary

There it is!

The director and the missionary :)

Giving to the Lord

The boys won the competition...

I loved all of the kids so much!

Game time

No comment :)

Closing event for the parents

The drama team - great job, guys!!!

In the mornings I did school work for my online classes. Thank you, Lili and Chris James for encouraging me not to give up! You have been wonderful and I’m so thankful that I could catch up with my assignments! 

Lili and Amy

Chris going to work


Dear Friends, please pray for little Amy, she has been sick for the last two days with a very high fever! Thank you!!! 

Kérlek, imádkozzatok Amyért, már két napja nagyon magas láza van! Köszönöm!!!


  1. We had a good time with our IncrediWorld Amazement Park, too! I learned lots of fascinating things about some birds and animals I didn't know before. I counseled one girl who accepted Christ, and I counseled one of our boys who needed assurance of salvation. Blessings!

  2. That is wonderful, Liz! I'm so happy for you! Praise the Lord!!!