Friday, August 3, 2012

More of Dallas

I left beautiful, “warm” Dallas this morning. What a great ten days these were! I’m very thankful for the Lord’s provision to visit my friends in Texas. Though the first couple of days were unusual :) because I was sick, God knew that I needed some rest… I could also catch up with my school work, which is a huge praise! This is my last week of school. Please pray that I can finish my summer semester well!

I had the privilege of attending four meetings/dessert fellowships where I could share about our ministry. Thanks to my wonderful friends I met a lot of new people as well. I’m always so encouraged by my brothers’ and sisters’ love for our God and their interest in His work in Hungary. We also visited some cool places and had a lot of fun. Praise God for His goodness!  Enjoy my lots and lots of Texas pictures!!!

My wonderful hosts #1, Deanne and Don Closson

With Deanne on the Rodeo

Getting ready for action

Josiah Gleghorn - so cute!!!

Dinner at the Gleghorns

Working in the nursery on Sunday morning

Worship Service

Great friends, great food :)

Dessert Fellowship

Thank you, Mr. Dave!

More of the fellowship

The leftovers... Can you imagine how much food we had to start with? ;)

The cool hostess of the night. Her and her husband have been married for 70 years!

Awww, I miss these lovely ladies!

Mr. Russell! I was so blessed by our meeting!

How do you do?

Beautiful day with beautiful Hungarian girls at the Zoo :)

Loved it - plates made from sugarcane, cups from corn, utensils from potato

Lunch at the Zoo. Thanks, guys for hanging out with me... in 110 F. :)

Poor camel... ;)

So cool - Albino Alligator

Laaarge snake

My wonderful hosts #2, Jeff and Jennifer Edmunds

Chick-fil-A Appreciaton Day - When in the States... :-)


Maybe my future car??? ;)

Great idea - at Dallas Arboretum

Claude Monet's "Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies" - Can you see the bridge in the background?

... and the lilies

Somebody, help! I can't remember the name of these trees, but they are all over Dallas. Gorgeous!

I DID NOT eat all of this by myself!!!

My real Texas Barbecue experience :)

Making Hungarian Coconut Balls for the presentation

Guests at the fellowship

So happy for them! :)