Friday, August 10, 2012

Beautiful Cooperstown

The little towns in Indiana reminded me on Hungary. I miss the cornfields :) and my home, but it was refreshing to see mountains. Cooperstown in upstate New York was just like my favorite places in Romania! So much beauty. And wonderful people. The Lord gave me a great time, and I’m so thankful for my wonderful hosts! I also finished my summer semester at Faith Bible Seminary! Yay. :-) What am I going to do late at nights and early in the mornings during my last 10 days in the States??? I am so thankful for God’s help with all the assignments, I am so, so blessed!

Love it!


Game night with the Klosheims

My wonderful hosts

Glimmerglass Lake

Studying hard :)


James Fenimore Cooper - Cooperstown was established by his father

Been here too... :) - Baseball Hall of Fame


Lovely place

Pictures about New York City coming soon.

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