Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Am So Blessed!!!

By God's grace I arrived safely to the States on Tuesday morning. How come the "long flight" seems always too short? :) I think I planned way too many things to do in 8 hours, or I'm just used to travelling 10-12 hours to get home to Romania... Anyways, I had a very pleasant trip and I got a lot of things done.

It's been a very busy three days so far. On Tuesday night I already had a Dessert Fellowship with the ladies of First Baptist Church in Chesterton. What a lovely evening that was! I'm so thankful for the Dujmovich family for hosting this event. It's been wonderful to spend some time with Lea, who just graduated from our Bible School and I loved getting to know the rest of her family. They are all so special!!!

On my second day I had the opportunity to visit Hobart and share about our ministry on the church's Wednesday prayer night. It was a blessing to see some of the people I met last year and get to know new brothers and sisters. Pastor Brown is such a wonderful example as he is serving the Lord faithfully! I surely missed Mrs Brown, my "American Mom", who went to be with the Lord a year ago. Before the church service I went on a long prayer walk around the lake and I thanked the Lord for all the nice memories and for the privilege of knowing Daneth Brown. Please pray for Pastor Brown and for this wonderful congregation.

Today is my "school day", so I'd better go and get some work done. And then we are off to clean the church building with Lea tonight!!! :)

My Hungarian WELCOME card by Lea! :)

Sweet ladies - Lea, her Mom and Grandma

Hungarian Coconut Balls for the fellowship

The ladies playing a Hungarian GUESS WHAT'S IN IT game :-)) My favorite is the milk bag part...

Missionary night at First Baptist Church in Hobart

With Pastor Stephen, missionary to India, and Pastor Brown

Missing Mrs Brown so much... (This picture was taken in June 2012)

Ride home with the Hernandez family

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