Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday = Furlough

Fridays are special days of my week. Since November Fridays have been my "school days", a time set aside to study and do homework. In the last couple of weeks I also used these days to plan my trip to the States and post some thoughts on this blog. :)

I will be honest with you: I've never done anything similar before and planning a furlough is a tough job for me. I was also a little discouraged because of my support level this past week. Well, this is when the practical nature of studying God's attributes comes in! I've been reading about the omnipotence of God for my Biblical Counseling course and I realized that sometimes I am living as if God were not omnipotent. :-(

A.W. Tozer defines omnipotence as "able to do all and to have all power". There is nothing too hard for God! He is able to do anything - anything at all! So why do we worry that the Almighty God of the universe might not be able to handle our problems? Tozer (in his book "The Attributes of God") uses a funny illustration of a fly perched on a seat in an airplane, worrying about whether the plane will be able to carry its weight... :-)) Oh, I don't want to act like that! It's been so encouraging to think about the fact that there is no limit to God's power and I can fully rely on Him. "Hard" isn't even in His vocabulary! I serve an almighty God and I can trust Him for great things. I'm so excited about what He is going to do this summer!!!

Dear Friend, I want to encourage you to start praying LARGE prayers. Maybe your challenge is not getting to 100% support, but whatever it might be - health, relationships, finances, fear, battle with sin - I dare you to believe that with God nothing is impossible! Don't hesitate to ask for the Lord's help, just put your hands in your Daddy's hands, and have faith that He'll take care of everything! Let me know if I can pray for you, I'd love to bring your requests to the throne room of the Almighty God.

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