Friday, January 27, 2012

A Greater Yes

Some of you, "old friends":) might remember an email I sent you a couple of years ago with the subject ...AND GOD SAID "NO". As I mentioned in my first post I've been praying for this trip to America since 2006. (It seems God had to teach me a lot to prepare my heart for this furlough. :-)) Back in 2008 some amazing things happened. I got an invitation from a dear family from the States to visit them and they were willing to take me into some churches too to share about my ministry. With my friend, Juci, we started to make plans. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. It was an adventure to see how God was putting the little pieces of the puzzle in their places.

Then June 19th came. We went to apply for a visa... and they rejected both of us. It was shocking and unexpected. For some reason the Lord closed that open door. We didn't understand why, but by the grace of God we had peace and thankfulness in our hearts, knowing that God was in control and His plan was the best for us. That's when I wrote that email, which ended with the following words: "We might not see or understand clearly His ways, but we can be sure that God doesn't make any mistakes. Isn't it wonderful to have a Father like Him? Soli Deo Gloria!"

I don't know what God is preparing for me for this summer. But I know one thing: He is sovereign, and He will do whatever He wants. What a blessing that He is in control of all the events of our lives! As one of my classmates said last week, "sometimes God answers our prayer with "no" to our will but it is, in fact, a "yes" to His will which is always for our good and His glory." There is always a greater YES! I'm looking forward to God's perfect plan this time!


  1. Subidooo kedves Baratnom! Hat ez nagyon jol sikerult, hala az Urnak es dicsoseg Neki! Halas vagyok Istennek hogy a baratod lehetek es tovabbra is imadkozom hogy egy felejtethetetlen elmennyel aldjon meg O az utad hogy talakozhassunk odaat is:o) Szeretlek!