Friday, January 20, 2012

I Love My Biblical Counseling Classes!!!

I'm so blessed! Last night as I was coming home through the woods after having an awesome class, I could've shout for joy, I was sooo happy. (I didn't do it, since you can never know who else is walking around in the darkness... :)) I'm learning so much through my online classes. I praise God for the privilege to be a student at Faith Bible Seminary. This semester I'm taking "Theology of Biblical Counseling". Let me share something I just read recently:

"To know something in your head is one thing; to feel it in your heart is another. And I think most Christians are trying to be happy without having a sense of the Presence. It's like trying to have a bright day without having the sun... The image of God must continue to come forth, as an artist works on a painting. First it's only an outline and a general confusion, but the artist knows what's there, and slowly it comes out." (Tozer: The Attributes of God)

The title of this blog is entheos, "having God within". I know God is present in my life, but I also want to be aware of His PRESENCE all the time. Tomorrow is my birthday. (In Hungary you are not supposed to tell people your age, but I think that's so foolish, since the older you get, the more you can testify God's goodness in your life. Anyways, I'll respect this tradition ;)). My greatest desire for this next year is to get closer to God and to be more like Him. The following song expresses my birthday wish beautifully, that people would see Jesus in me!

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