Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Born Again to a Living Hope" Drama Ministry

It's early Friday morning and soon we are leaving with our "Born Again" team to bring the good news to the Eastern part of Hungary. This drama is a powerfool tool to reach the young people who desperately need the HOPE of Jesus Christ. You can read more about the drama here:

Please pray for...

- safety on the roads
- the performance - our team has 18 members
- my monologue as I'm sharing about Adriana's life
- good conversations after the presentation
- the visit at my roommates' parents on our way back, they are not believers

Thank you! Have a blessed day!


  1. You're welcome:o)! Az imakert....nagyon jo olvasni a "post"-jaidat, es nagyon buszke vagyok rad hogy ezt csinalod! O, hoppa, eisze angolul kene irjam hogy masok is ertsek, ugye? Na, jo, majd a kovetkezot!!! Most megyek es hivlak telefonon......Pusszzz!!!!