Friday, February 17, 2012

Where on the Map is Piseco, NY? :-)

It's been a month since I started writing this blog. You might wonder how things are going with planning my trip to the States... Well, slowly, but I'm getting there. It's so encouraging to know that God is in control and I can trust Him with every single detail!!!

Do you remember the story when king Hezekiah receives a letter from Sennacherib, he goes to the temple and spreads it on front of the Lord? (2 Kings 19) This is how I felt this afternoon. I took the maps of some of the states of the USA, spread them on the floor of our living room and started to look for all the places where my friends live... I love maps and I love geography, but I have to admit, I had difficulties with finding some of these places. I wonder how this will go in real life! :) As I was praying and trying to come up with a schedule for my furlough it was so good to remember that the Lord already knows where I am going, the people I will meet, because He planned it out a long time ago!!! The eternal God has already lived all of my tomorrows! Isn't that wonderful?!

Thank you for your prayers for wisdom and guidance!


  1. Piseco is right next to Lake Pleasant! Yeah! :)

  2. And Piseco is where my home church is.
    Adirondack Bible Chapel.

  3. Haha, megvan a térképen! Remélem, ott is megtalálom!!! :-)