Saturday, February 1, 2014

Forgiving Without Limits

Oh, how thankful I am for this past week! It was so good to be back in school, I loved the counseling classes and I learned so much! (Actually we'll find out after the test how much I remember... :-)) One of our topics was forgiveness. Hurts are real, but when we fail to forgive we forget the huge debt God forgave us. God wiped our records clean. Don't count offenses, forgive without limits. (Freedom from Resentment, by Robert D. Jones)

Right now I'm in Michigan visiting our former Dean of Students and his wife - Marion and Candy Hall. Yana, our former Assistant and Lea, one of our graduates are here as well. What a lovely reunion! So happy!

Back in Lafayette

Lunch with my classmates

Fun fellowship

Visiting with Jennifred

Yana!!! - My former Assistant, now missionary to Poland

Preparing for the evening fellowship - Yana and Lea making Polish pierogies, I'm making Hungarian Coconut Balls

Watching old movies

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