Sunday, March 3, 2013

While I'm Waiting

I LOVE being a missionary! There is nothing I would rather do than serving my Savior “full time” as people often say. What a blessing and privilege it is that I can be part of the Word of Life family as I live my life for Christ! I enjoy leading the women in the Bible Institute and being part of their lives while they study here. There is so much joy in watching them understanding and applying the Word of God.

There are challenges as well. I am aware that “I am not enough”. So many times I have no idea what counsel to give or how should I approach a situation.  And I am so thankful for this!!! God’s Word is true – He chose “the things that are not… so that no one may boast before Him!” It’s only by Him and through Him that I can do this ministry. So I am learning to live by faith every day. Here is something I heard not long ago and I would like to challenge you with as well:
1.       Living by faith means obedience to God’s direction.
2.       Living by faith means being a blessing.
3.       Living by faith means living a life of worship.

Please pray for me that this would be true in my life every day! Last week was especially hard because I was a little discouraged about my trip to the States. It seems that God is silent. As I am waiting on Him to put together the pieces and provide the finances I need to be able to go, I don’t want to lose the focus. Yes, I have to pray and plan, but I have to be patient. I trust God that He will come through! So while I am waiting I will live by faith and invest into the lives of my precious girls in the Bible Institute!

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