Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New Adventure Begins

So much has happened since August 2012! My very first trip to the States last summer was an answer to six years of prayers. It was definitely worth it to wait that long! The Lord greatly blessed my three months overseas and I came back with a heart full of thanksgiving, joy and many, many special memories. It’s still such a delight to watch the pictures, but most of all to keep in touch with my “old and new” friends. 

As the weeks and months were going by I have been faithfully praying for the opportunity to continue my studies in Biblical Counseling this summer.  A couple of weeks ago God provided the very first gift from the amount I need for my tuition and plane ticket. It was such a huge encouragement! I fully believe that if God wants to see me there, He will take care of the funds. So with great excitement I started to plan my trip for the summer. My hope is that after finishing my internal residency at Faith Bible Seminary in Indiana I will be able to visit some supporters and share about our ministry. Please pray that I would be open for whatever the Lord has for me and just blindly follow Him in organizing the details of this trip! Thank you! And maybe see you soon! ;)

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