Friday, March 9, 2012

God is My Source

Raising support is one of the greatest adventures in my life! I've come a long way and I don't see the end of this road, but I AM enjoying it. Oh, yes, there were hard times, especially at the beginning, when I asked the questions "Is it right to ask for support?" or "Why can't I just "pray it in" like the famous missionary George Mueller?"... Now I look at the list of my supporters and my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness. Each one of them love our Father so much! I am absolutely convinced that they give to God - not to me or Word of Life - and that all that I have is directly from God. I can't imagine a better way for myself to learn how to depend on Him continually. He is my only source for my funding and He does answer prayers!

In Phil. 4:18 Paul called the Philippians' gift a "fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to God." Both giving and receiving are vertical. The church's gift was a vertical gift to God, and Paul received it from God, not from fellow brothers and sisters. I'm very thankful for every person who is involved in our ministry, but please pray that I would always remember that God is the source!

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