Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drama Tour

Fridays are supposed to be my school days/planning-my-furlough-days, but as you’ve noticed I didn’t really have the chance to update my blog. The main reason for this is that on the last couple of Fridays we had several “Born Again to a Living Hope” drama presentations. Praise the Lord for that! Some of these days were long and tiring, but definitely worth it! It’s wonderful to see how God is using the life of Adriana and Pablo Riolo even 20 years after their death to reach the young people with the hope and good news of Jesus Christ! (For more information about the drama check our website:

Just this last Friday I had a great experience  once again. You need to know that I’m not an “actress-type” :), so after all these years playing the lead role of Adriana is still a challenge for me. But God is strong when we are weak, and He graciously enables me to remember the 21 minutes monologue and act a druggie. Many times when we start the performance the kids are laughing, talking, not realizing what a serious message we bring to them. To be honest, it makes me a little nervous that the noise will distract me, and I always pray before I stand up from the wheel chair that God would calm them down. This past Friday they were especially loud, and on the top of this I forgot to turn on my microphone! And God did it again! As I started to speak they suddenly became quiet and they paid close attention the whole time. To God be the glory! Please pray for these kids who heard the gospel. 

We need your prayers for the “Born Again tour” next week!!! On Sunday afternoon we leave to DEBRECEN, the second largest city of Hungary to present the drama to hundreds of young people in the next three days. Pray for strength for our team and for many salvation decisions! Thank you!
Pictures coming soon! :)

Well, in the midst of a busy ministry schedule, the planning of my summer furlough to the States is still going on! :) I’m overwhelmed by the love and encouragement of my friends from overseas!!!  I’m so thankful for everybody’s help, as I’m planning the ministry opportunities, my housing, the rides from one place to another, and the many meetings for almost three months! Thank you for your prayers, and I can’t wait to see many of you this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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